We are so proud of each and every one of you for taking up the challenge and getting moving this year. We know it takes dedication and determination to make physical activity a regular part of your life, and we applaud your commitment to your health and well-being.

In addition to the personal benefits of increased physical activity, the WMC also fosters a sense of community and healthy competition. We are grateful for the camaraderie and support that emerged among our participants, and we are excited to see what you will accomplish in the future.

Thank you for making the 2023 WMC a resounding success!

Stay tuned for more exciting challenges and opportunities to get involved.

Councils on Aging Teams City/Town
3rd Westport
3rd Northfield
3rd Acton
3rd Harwich
3rd Marlborough
3rd Colrain
3rd Carlisle
3rd Norwell
3rd Beverly
3rd Auburn
2nd Lexington
2nd Sturbridge
2nd Rehoboth
2nd Pepperell
2nd Bedford
1st Prize Rehoboth Manny
1st Prize Bridgewater Thomas
1st Prize Bedford Karen
1st Prize Chicopee Dennis
1st Prize Charlton Michael
1st Prize Lexington Rajesh
1st Prize Boston Rupal
1st Prize Pepperell Ellen
1st Prize Yarmouth Florence
1st Prize Rowley Kathleen


2nd Prize Norwell Silvia
2nd Prize Foxborough Richard
2nd Prize Lexington Subhalakshmi
2nd Prize Lexington Donghee
2nd Prize Marlborough Karen
2nd Prize Lexington June
2nd Prize Easthampton Michele
2nd Prize Millbury thomas
2nd Prize Dighton Jo Ann
2nd Prize Acton Florence
2nd Prize Springfield Yasmin
2nd Prize Leicester Elaine
2nd Prize Spencer Jeanne
2nd Prize Northfield Cynthia
2nd Prize Dighton natalie
2nd Prize Lexington Kellsey
2nd Prize Beverly linda
2nd Prize Lexington Rajesh
2nd Prize North Attleboro Pat
2nd Prize Lexington Stephanie
2nd Prize Rehoboth Robert
2nd Prize Holden Kathy
2nd Prize Lexington Suresh
2nd Prize Lexington Luci
2nd Prize Burlington Debbie
3rd Prize Harwich Monica
3rd Prize Lexington Nora
3rd Prize Lexington Vasanti
3rd Prize Lexington Laureen
3rd Prize Rehoboth Addy
3rd Prize South Hadley Cynthia
3rd Prize Lexington Roy
3rd Prize Canton Elizabeth
3rd Prize North Reading Sue
3rd Prize Southborough Gene
3rd Prize Chicopee Carol
3rd Prize Dighton Rae
3rd Prize North Attleboro Ernestine
3rd Prize East Longmeadow Deborah
3rd Prize Dighton
3rd Prize Lexington Melinda
3rd Prize Auburn Valerie
3rd Prize Auburn Kathy
3rd Prize Auburn S
3rd Prize Chicopee Christine
3rd Prize Lexington Kin-Ming
3rd Prize North Attleboro Deborah
3rd Prize Auburn Teresa
3rd Prize Melrose Maureen
3rd Prize North Brookfield Louise
3rd Prize Hopkinton Maureen
3rd Prize Lexington Nora
3rd Prize Auburn Jean
3rd Prize Andover Kathleen
3rd Prize Sudbury Maike
3rd Prize Charlton Joyce
3rd Prize Mansfield Michele
3rd Prize North Attleboro Teresa
3rd Prize Lexington Melissa
3rd Prize Lexington Linda
3rd Prize Chicopee Marcia
3rd Prize Templeton Robert
3rd Prize Hopkinton Jeannette
3rd Prize Lenox Amanda
3rd Prize Rowley Valerie
3rd Prize Rehoboth Linda
3rd Prize Dighton Britt
3rd Prize Hatfield Duane
3rd Prize West Bridgewater Peter
3rd Prize Hatfield Marie
3rd Prize Plainville Carol
3rd Prize Lexington James
3rd Prize East Longmeadow Kathy
3rd Prize Northfield Linda
3rd Prize Rehoboth Linda