The Affordable Connectivity Program, a broadband internet discount program funded by Congress and administered by the FCC, is discontinuing. Many MA residents will know this program as the LifeLine Program. The program stopped accepting applications on February 7, 2024, and the estimated last month of discounted service is April.

The Massachusetts Health Aging Collaborative (MHAC) has prepared a one-page description of the Affordable Connectivity Program winddown.

What can be done to assist older adults who may lose access to affordable service?

  • MA broadband customers should be encouraged to contact their service providers to learn if they have provider-specific discount programs.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at many senior centers and public libraries—encourage visitors to take advantage of this access.
  • Learn about the libraries in your area that offer outdoor Wi-Fi.
  • Cellphones can be used as internet hotspots for tablets, laptops, and computers (with data limitations).
  • Learn if your community has a municipal broadband system, and, if not, support efforts to create one.
  • Read about MA digital equity resources on the MA Healthy Aging Collaborative’s website.
  • Encourage residents to contact their local legislators to let them know how they are affected and ask for their ideas on improved internet equity.

MHAC is also facilitates a quarterly Technology Learning Collaborative Zoom conversation open to all. To stay apprised of their updates and meeting invitations, sign up for their newsletter here.