Based on valuable feedback from our network, the MCOA is seeking proposals for facilitated round table discussions at the upcoming Fall Conference!

What are Facilitated Round Table Discussions?

These small-group sessions will provide a platform for in-depth conversations on specific issues. As the facilitator, you’ll guide the discussion, ensuring a productive and engaging experience for all participants. Network and connect with colleagues from across the state.

Examples of Possible Discussion Topics:

  • Innovative Programs for Senior Wellness: Share successful initiatives that promote physical, mental, and emotional health among seniors. Discuss how to implement these programs in various communities.
  • Technology and Aging: Explore the latest technological advancements that can aid the elderly in maintaining independence and staying connected. Discuss best practices for introducing and teaching new technology to seniors.
  • Intergenerational Engagement: Discuss strategies to foster meaningful interactions between different age groups, and how these interactions can benefit both seniors and younger generations.
  • Challenges in Caregiver Support: Address the unique challenges faced by caregivers of the elderly. Share resources, support networks, and strategies for providing effective assistance.
  • Advocacy and Policy Updates: Stay informed about recent policy changes affecting the aging population. Discuss how to advocate for seniors’ rights and needs at the local and state levels.

Why Participate?

  • Professional Development: Enhance your facilitation skills and gain insights from your peers.
  • Networking: Build connections with professionals across the aging network.
  • Collaborative Learning: Contribute to and benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of your colleagues.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and making the MCOA Fall Conference a truly collaborative event!

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